Cleanroom Mop Handles, Micronova, PocketMop Handle, White, Plastic Coated Fiberglass, Extendable, MN-STAEH

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Cleanroom Mop Handles - Micronova - PocketMop Handle - White - Plastic Coated Fiberglass - Extendable - MN-STAEH

The cleanroom mop handle is used with the PocketMop which is a flat head mop that can be used for controlled environments and economical. This mop handle also works with the Econo CurtainCleaner. The mop is lightweight and easy to maneuver using the MN-QPSL-14 or MN-QPSL-18 adapter. The swivel joint rotates 360° but can be locked in a 180° movement for more precise, controlled cleaning. This handle is extendable, and goes from 40" to 72" long.

•  Suited to pharmaceutical production, compounding pharmacies, food processing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and medical device
•  Cleanroom grade materials of construction
•  Lightweight, ergonomic hardware
•  Plastic Coated Fiberglass
•  Available in Fixed or Extendable Lengths
•  Autoclavable
•  Connects Directly to QP Series Adapters

Product Code: MN-STAEH   Cleanroom Mop Handles, Micronova, PocketMop Handle, Plastic Coated Fiberglass, Acme Threaded End, Extendable, White, End Grip, 40" - 72" Long 

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