Stainless Steel Mop Handle - Autoclavable, Two Pieces, 60"L, GR-2641

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Stainless Steel Mop Handle - Autoclavable - Two Pieces - 60"L   GR-2641

The 2 Piece 60" Long Stainless Steel Handle has had special precautions taken to prevent moisture, bacteria, and corrosion from entering these stainless-steel mop handles. Designed to be used with string mop style mops. A quick-change mop replacement system allows hands-free mop changes to avoid contact with soiled mops. The stainless-steel mop handles may be autoclaved and are available in a one- or two-piece design.

GR-2641  Mop Handle, Stainless Steel, 2 Piece, 60"Long

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