Stainless Steel Mop Handle - Autoclavable, One Piece, 60"L, GR-2640

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Stainless Steel Mop Handle - Autoclavable - One Piece - 60"Long  GR-2640

Stainless steel mop handle is a one piece construcion 60 inches long.   Special precautions has been taken to prevent moisture, bacteria, and corrosion from entering the inside of the handle.   Designed to be used with string mop style mops.  A quick-change mop replacement system allows hands-free mop changes to avoid contact with soiled mops.  The stainless-steel mop handles may be autoclaved and are available in a one- or two-piece design. The one-piece model is designed with a sealed stainless-steel end.

GR-2640  Mop Handle Stainless Steel  1 Piece  60"Long
NOTE: Oversized package for UPS / FedEx

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