Aluminum Mop Handle - VertiKlean Mop System, 54"-90"L x 7", GR-2669

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Aluminum Mop Handle - VertiKlean Mop System - 54"-90"Long x 7" - GR-2669

Aluminum mop handle constructed of annodized aluminum, wall washing handles protect against moisture, bacteria, and corrosion as they provide years of simple, trouble-free use.  They work with VertiKlean™ disposable mop heads.  Specially designed one-piece handles are sealed at the end and welded where the mop attaches.  Small-diameter, stainless-steel frame is also available in a two-piece model for ease in autoclaving.

Items not autoclavable

GR-2669  VertiKlean Mop Handle Aluminum  2 Piece 54"-92" Long with 7" Head Frame

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