Cleanroom Wipes - Polyester, 2 Ply, Quilted, Sealed Edge, 9x9 #LT-7225SEQ-99

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Cleanroom Wipes -  Polyester - 2 Ply -  Quilted - Sealed Edge - 9x9  LT-7225SEQ

The wipes have the highest sorptive capacity of any sealed edge wipe. They are manufactured by taking two layers of the knitted polyester wipers and laminating them together to form a stronger more absorbent wipe. The result is a wipe which absorbs twice the capacity of the individual plies because fluid is trapped between two layers. In addition, the edges are sealed creating an extremely clean and absorbent wipe.

•  Super absorption
•  Greater liquid and particle entrapment
•  Sealed edge and extreme clean options
•  6.70 to 8.11 oz/SqYd
•  227 to 275 g/SqM

LT-7225SEQ-99   Polyester Quilted Sealed Edge Wiper, Class 10,  9"x9" 100/Bag Bulk - 10 Bags/Case

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