Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes - Polyester Cellulose, 96%IPA, Canister, 6"x 8.5", LT-LS964-685

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Presaturated Cleanroom Wipe - 96% IPA/ 4% DI Water- Polyester Cellulose - Canister - 6" x  8.5" - LT-LS964-685

The presatruated cleanroom wiper is premoistened with isopropyl alcohol and deionized water. The cleanroom wiper is very safe in that it eliminates in plant mixing, open solvent containers and solvent transer. Exposure to airborne chemicals is significantly reduced. The cleanroom wipers are ISO 5 Class 100 compatible and perfect for general cleaning, maintenance, wipe-down, final inspection, and field service use. The presaturated cleanroom wipers are available in many configurations with choice of wiper material: polypropylene, poly/cellulose, and polyester knit. The concentration of IPA/DI water is either 70%/30% or 96%/4%. The presaturated cleanroom wipers are packaged in canisters, resealable pouch, or foil packs. Custom presaturated wiper orders available.

•  Polyester cellulose material
•  96% IPA / 4% purified DI water
•  Resealable canister
•  Size: 6" x 8.5"
•  Packaged 100/ foil pack - 11 foil packs + 1 full tub/case
•  Purity and cleanliness to support ISO 5 environments

•  Reduced VOC's
•  Minimized bulk liquid storage
•  Safer to ship, store and use
•  Consistency in application of solvents

LT-LS964-685  Presaturated Cleanroom Wipe, Polyester Cellulose, 96% IPA/ 4% DI Water, 6"x8.5", Canister, 100/Pack- 11 Foil Packs + 1 Full Tub/Case

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