Cleanroom Mop - Perfex, TruClean, Synthetic Looped Yarn PF-22-33

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Cleanroom Mop - Perfex - TruClean - Synthetic Loop Yarn  PF-22-33

The clean room mop is a loop mop manufactured from a specially blended synthetic yarn.  Mop combines high absorbency and strength as well as being inert to bacteria and chemicals. The material quickly releases captured dirt when rinsed, is fast drying and won't decay. Durable backing dries fast. Extra stitching assures long service life, even with repetitive laundering. Isolates areas of use and curtails risk of cross contamination. Conventional string mops apply pressure to small areas at the base of the handle and. require multiple passes to effectively clean. The cleanroom mop, with looped-end construction thoroughly cleans a full 40cm (16") x 12.7 cm (5") area in a single pass - 40% faster and with less effort. Surfaces are 33% drier, reducing risk of potential accidents from slippage on wet surfaces. Unlike conventional string mops, the TruCLEAN Yarn Mop can be used to wet & damp mop and disinfect floors, walls and ceilings.  Laundering can be done in a standard washing machine. since the design of the mop minimizes linting and yarn unraveling.

• 16”(40cm) x 5”(12.7cm)
• Looped-end construction  
• Impervious to a wide range of chemicals
• Compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization
• Quick mop head configuration
• 12 mop heads per case

• Ideal for use in controlled environments or for general housekeeping applications 
• Designed for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings
• Compatible with all Perfex TruCLEAN Mopping Systems
Dampen mop prior to placing in autoclave.

PF-22-33   Cleanroom Mop, Perfex, TruClean,  Synthetic Loop Yarn 

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SOLD IN CASE QUANITITY:  12 mops per case

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