Cleanroom String Mop - MicroNova, Polygen, Polyester Mop, MN-PG9-12

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Cleanroom String Mop - MicroNova - Polygen - Polyester Mop - MN-PG9-12

Cleanroom string mop, The PolyGen™ Mop, is an economical low-linting 100% polyester mop.  The herringbone weave in the looped strands ensures no raw edges, guaranteeing low particulation.  The PolyGen is absorbent enough to clean to a dry finish but can also be used to apply those disinfectants that require an extended drying time.  The PolyGen holds up to strong disinfectants and can be autoclaved.  12 oz Mop.  12 mops per case.

For super critical sterile applications the PolyGen is available irradiated - PG9-12IR. 

MN-PG9-12, MicroNova PolyGen Polyester Mop, Economical, Size:  8" x 15".

NOTE:  Price per each mop.  Case discount pricing available.   

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES:  Adapter Handle & Straight Handle: MN-QDMH-1 & MN-SSU-1  or  One Piece Handle: #MN-MH-1

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