Cleanroom Mops - Vertiklean Wall Washing Mops, 12"W, GR-2688

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Cleanroom Mops - Vertiklean Wall Washing Mops - 12"W - GR-2688

Cleanroom mops are disposable wall washing mop heads for clean rooms rated Class 100 or higher.  The mop heads are constructed of a lint-free polynit polyester wiping material that is laminated to an inner core of highly absorbent foam.  The mop heads slide easily onto stainless-steel wire frames which attach to stainless-steel washing handles.  Wringing is accomplished with the stainless-steel basket insert.  Mop heads are low in particles and extractables and have excellent absorbency.

Available 7", 12" or 14" wide.

GR-2688  VertiKlean™ Wall Washing Mops   12" Wide

Use with GR-2625 14" Wringer

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