Cleanroom Mop - Perfex TruClean Antimicrobial Mop PF-22-32

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Cleanroom Mop - Perfex TruClean Antimicrobial Mop

The TruCLEAN micro-fiber and anti-microbial mops provide superior cleaning capabilities compared to traditional cotton mops.  Micro-fibers get into the surface pores and crevices much more effectively versus traditional mop materials, which are to large for deep cleaning.  Each micro-fiber mop contains many strands of a synthetic fiber made of a polyester and polyamide blend or nylon, these fibers are then split into ultra-fine fiber fragments so small the human eye can't see the fibers.  This type of construction allows for more aggressive cleaning and shearing of microscopic debris than conventional methods, allowing facilities to operate in a cleaner, healthier environment.

The micro-fiber mops are lightweight, dry fast, infection control and reduce risk of cross contamination.
The TruClean Anti-Microbial Micro-fiber mop has an anti-microbial agent permanently bonded to the TruClean Micro-Fibers, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast on the mop-fibers.

These mops are the perfect cleaning solution for healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, foodservice and educational facilities.  These mops meet the needs for dry, damp or wet operations and help remove unwanted germs, bacteria, allergens and other wanted contaminants from critically controlled environments.

SIZE: 5" x 16"


PF-22-32   TruClean Anit-Microbial Micro-Fiber Mop  12/case     Sold in case quantities

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