Tube Brush - Metal Free, Polyproplene, 3/4" Diameter, 12" Length

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Tube Brush - Metal Free - Polyproplene - ¾"Diameter -  12" Length - GB-720712

Tube brushes with semi-flexible polyproplene stem are used to clean the inside of pipes and tubes with a gradual bend.  They also clean valves and fitting or anywhere aggressive scrubbing is needed.  Metal free tube brushes will not scratch most surfaces.  Made with 100% food grade polypropylene.  Highly chemical resistant.  Fused bristles minimize the potential for trapping bacterial and contaminants.  Available in white only.

•  Metal Free
•  Semi-Flexible Stem
•  100% Food Grade Polypropylene
•  Chemical Resistant
•  Fused Bristles
•  White

GB-720712            ¾"D x 12"L
GB-720718            ¾"D x 18"L
GB-720724            ¾"D x 24"L

GB-720812            7/8"D x 12"L
GB-720818            7/8"D x 18"L
GB-720824            7/8"D x 24"L

GB-721012            1"D x 12"L
GB-721018            1"D x 18"L
GB-721024            1"D x 24"L

GB-721212            1-¼"D x 12"L
GB-721218            1-¼"D x 18"L
GB-721224            1-¼"D x 24"L

GB-721512            1-½"D x 12"L
GB-721518            1-½"D x 18"L
GB-721524            1-½"D x 24"L

GB-721812            1-¾"D x 12"L
GB-721818            1-¾"D x 18"L
GB-721824            1-¾"D x 24"L

GB-722012            2"D x 12"L
GB-722018            2"D x 18"L
GB-722024            2"D x 24"L

GB-722512            2-½" x 12"L
GB-722518            2-½" x 18"L
GB-722524            2-½" x 24"L

NOTE:  Price per package of 6, min order 2 packs.

GB-720712, Tube Brush, Metal Free, Polyproplene, ¾"Diameter, 12"Long, White

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