Lab Vacuums, Minuteman, HEPA Filtered, Dry Only, Tool Kit, 4 Gal HA-C82904-07

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Lab Vacuum - Minuteman - HEPA Filtered - Dry Only - 4 Gallon - Tool Kit  HA-C82904-07

Lab vacuum is a dry only, four stage filtration system which includes: disposable collector bag, prefilter, cloth filter (optional) and HEPA filter.   The HEPA filtration system retains 99.97% of all particulates 0.3 microns and larger.   The Micro Vac safely and effectively collects and contains asbestos, lead, mold and other hazardous particles.   The vacuum is very quiet at 68 db and weights only 16 lbs.  HEPA Filter is located before the motor assembly and not recommended for a cleanroom applications.

HA-C82904-07  Micro Vac   4 Gallon, 26 lbs, 115V, 50/60 Hz,  Polyethylene, Dry Only 
Comes complete with dry tool kit 1 1/4",   Includes:
HA-829090-1 - Lid Assembly with HEPA and prefilter
HA-294005 - Tank Assembly
HA-384003PKG - Disposable Collector Bag (10ea)
HA-490020-1 -  Tool Kit

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