Four Compartment Sinks, Eagle, Multiple Sizes, No Drain Boards, Type 304 Stainless Steel, 21"W x 18"L, EA-2172-4-16/3

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Four Compartment Sink - Eagle - Multiple Sizes - No Drain Boards - Type 304 or 430 Stainless

The Four Compartment Utility Sinks are for numerous applications when NSF construction is not required.  Features square-corner construction, 8" backsplash, 1½" rolled rims on front and sides, and adjustable bullet feet.  The entire sink unit is 16 gauge stainless steel 430 or 304 series construction.   The sink bowls are 14" deep.  Legs are 1 5/8" diameter galvanized tubing and are located directly under sink bowls for maximum stability and weight support.  All sinks shipped fully crated.  An overflow hole is available (does not include drain).  Call for pricing.  NSF and CSA utility sinks are available along with detachable drain boards

OPTIONS:  NSF or CSA approved, Overflow hole, drains, valves, 304 stainless, detachable drain boards 

Bowl Sizes Available:  18"x 18",  21" x18" and  24"x18

Eagle  Four Compartment Utility Sink  
EA-1872-4-16/4     Bowl Size: 18"x18"     Overall Size: 22"x73"       Bowl Depth: 14"     Type 430 Stainless Steel
EA-2172-4-16/4                        21"x18"                              25"x73"
EA-2472-4-16/4                        24"x18"                              28"x73"

EA-1872-4-16/3    Bowl Size: 18"x18"      Overall Size: 22"x73"       Bowl Depth: 14"     Type 304 Stainless Steel
EA-2172-4-16/4                        21"x18"                              25"x73"                
EA-2472-4-16/3                        24"x18"                              28"x73"                   




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