Cleanroom Vacuums, RFI/EMI Stainless Steel, ULPA Filtered Vacuums, Minuteman, HA-C80704-05

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Cleanroom RFI EMI Vacuum - Minuteman - ULPA Filter - Stainless Steel  HA-C80704-05

The Minuteman CRV™ is specially designed to reduce the incidence of airborne dust, including carbon dust from motor-cooling air.  The HEPA or ULPA filtered vacuum is for use in Class 1 through 100,000 cleanrooms, laboratories, and research labs.  The CRV contains three filtering stages and is equipped with an indicator light to signal when the disposable paper collector bag should be replaced.  Low noise level of 65 dba allows for quiet operations.
The absolute filtration system includes a dual layer disposable paper bag, a non-woven cloth filter and a standard ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) filter, 99.999% effiecient at 0.12 microns.  This efficiency is much greater than normal HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters.

A powerful 1.2 hp motor supplies ample suction at a constant airflow, and with a sound rating of only 65 dba.

-  Red indicator light alerts the operator when filter needs servicing
-  A 50 foot power cord
-  Optional electromagnetic/radio frequency interference filtration
-  Complete filtration, including the carbon brush dust from the motor
-  The UPLA filter is covered and protected from damage

AIR FLOW:  99 CFM 2.8 m3/min
POWER: 930 watts 930 watts
TANK SIZE: 4 gal 15 liters
CAPACITY: .21 cu. ft. feet .006 m3
LIFT:  88 inches 2235 mm
CORD: 16-3, 50' 16-3, 15 mm
WHEELS: front 3" 8 cm
                rear 6" 15 cm
WEIGHT: (w/wheels): 26 lbs 12 kg
WEIGHT: (w/out wheels): 19 lbs 9 kg

HA-C80704-05   CRV™ Clean Room Vacuum - ULPA Filter, Stainless Steel, With wheel bracket,  115V, 50/60 Hz, 4 Gallon, (15 liter), Dry Only, Includes:
HA-800047  -  Lid Assembly with ULPA filter
HA-900108 -  Tank Assembly, Stainless Steel
HA-805044 - Cloth Filter
HA-384003PKG - Paper Filter Collection Bags (10)

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