Cleanroom Mop Bucket System - MicroNova SlimLine, 3 Buckets MN-C-33S

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Cleanroom Mop Bucket System - MicroNova Slimline - 3 Buckets

SlimLine™ Cart - 2 and 3 Bucket System is the core of the Slimline Cleaning System, this modular, electropolished stainless steel cart is available in 2 or 3 bucket configurations. When used with three B-7 buckets the system ensures correct disinfect, rinse and void stages in sterile and pharmaceutical processing. Can be used with or without the MN-W-7 Wringer. The three grip-it holders on the back of the cart allow for an easy interchange and storage of handles and additional mop heads. MN-C3A-02 wire basket for extra storage also available.  Made of stainless steel and Delrin
SIZE: 22" x 33" x 40"
INCLUDES:   3ea   MN-B-7 Buckets: Blue, Red and Yellow
                       1ea   Cart
For other options, visit the main Cleanroom Mop Buckets & Wringers  section.

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