Cleanroom Mop - MicroNova, PilloMop, Polyester, Autoclavable, MN-PM-648

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Cleanroom Mop - PilloMop - Polyester - Autoclavable - MN-PM-648

Cleanroom mop is the Slimline 100% polyester flat pad mop head for use on its own or with the PMC 648 polyester slip cover.  The slimline design is ideal for applying disinfectants to walls chambers and workstations.  Attaches to QDPH-1 adapter for 360º swivel and low profile applications.  Autoclavable. 12 mop heads per case.  Quantity discounts available.

•  Slimline 100% polyester
•  Autoclavable
•  Ideal for applying disinfectants
•  Size 4" x 8" x ½"
•  Compatible with adapter & handle MN-QDPH-1 & MN-SSU-1
NOTE:  Price per mop

MN-PM-648  Cleanroom Mop, MicroNova, Polyester PilloMop  12 mops/case.

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