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Ionization Equipment; Overhead Ion Blower, 3 Fan, No Diffusers, SM-4005306

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Ionization Equipment - Overhead Ionizing Blower - 3 Fan - No Diffusers on Outer 2 Fanstacks - SM-4005306

The overhead ionizing blower from Simco-Ion provides static charge decay over the work area.  The Aerostat Guardian is equipped with task lighting, heater and user friendly operation. Ion blower is inherently balanced and has built-in emitter point cleaners which protects sensitive components from ESD damage.  The Guardian operates on AC technology to provide stable balance performance over long periods of use.  Available with airflow diffusers for superior static charge decay efficiency over a large work surface area.  Without diffusers, the Guardian provides fast charge decay directly under the unit for targeted work surface coverage.

• AC technology for stable performance
• Inherently balanced to 0 ± 5 V
• Integrated heater and task lights
• Ionization indicator light
• Patented built-in emitter point cleaner 

•  Discharge Time:   3.0 seconds @ 18" ceneter blower position
•  Power Requirements: 120V AC, 60 Hz
•  Balance:  0 +/- 5V @ 18" from blower face
•  Ion Emission: AC Ionization
•  Coverage:  2'x4' Area
•  Cleanroom Class:  Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 5, Fed Std 209E Class 100
•  Emitter Points: Stainless Steel
•  Controls: Fan speed control knob BLOWER ON,       
                    on/off switch HEATER & TASK LIGHT
•  Indicator Lights:  Orange IONIZATION STATUS, Orange with in
                                  on/off switches HEATER & TASK LIGHTS
•  Air Volume: 150-300 cfm (low to high), combined 3 fans
•  Heated Air Temp: 25°F (14C) fan low, 11°F (6C) fan high measured @ 6" in front of center fan above ambient
•  Audible Noise: 50 dBA fan low, 60 dBA fan high
•  Operating Environment: Temperature 32-122°F (0-50°C); humidity 30-70% RH, non-condensing
•  Ozone: 0.02 ppm, measured @ 12" in front of unit
•  Lamp: 13W twin tube, compact fluorescent, 1650 lumen total task light output
•  30 ppi open cell polyurethane foam
•  Adjustable brackets and S-hooks provided
•  Powder-coateed white enamel aluminum
•  16 lb (7.3 kg)
•  42.75W x 4H x 6.75D inches (108.6 x 10.2 x 17.1 cm)
•  Warranty: Two year limited warranty

Product Code: SM-4005306   Aerostat Guardian Overhead Ionizing Blower, 3 Fan, No Diffusers on Outer 2 Fanstacks, 120V, 60 Hz

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