Washable Sticky Floor Mat - PROTECTAMAT Multiple Sizes DY-CC02-06-01

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Washable Sticky Floor Mat - Protectamat Multiple Sizes

The Protectamat is a washable adhesive floor mat made of a polyester polymer providing a permanent tack. The mat is loose laid with a non slip underside. There is no sticky carry-over or damage to overshoes. Contamination is released from the surface of the mat by mopping with water and high quality detergent. This contaminated water must be squeegeed off the surface to restore full effectiveness and to dry the mat. Durable enough to handle cart of foot traffic. Dycem offers a 2 year warranty with a life expectancy from 2 to 4 years. Color: Blue. The frequency of cleaning should be determined by the size of the area and volume of personnel and cart traffic. The best method is to fit the cleaning into your regular scheduled cleaning process.

Thickness: 7mm
Static Decay" Not applicable
Static Dissipative Versions: Not available
Load Resistance: Neutral
Outgassing: Negligible
Co-Efficient of Friction: 3.5 micron
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most chemicals.

#DY-CC02-06-01   Protectamat Individually Molded - no red ramps 4'x2'x5mm

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