Tape Dispensers, 2" Capacity, Holds 1" or 3" Cores, Weighted Base, MN-P52W

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Tape Dispensers - 2" Capacity - Weighted Base - MN-P52W

Tape dispensers are a combination of coated steel and plastic which are available in two different widths.  The MN-P52 series holds up to 2" tape in width or a combination of two 1" rolls or 1" and two 1/2" rolls and so on.  The MN-P56 series has the capacity to hold a combination of tape widths up to 6".  Both styles are available with weighted bases and hold 3" core tapes.

•   MN-P52      -    2" Capacity 
•   MN-P52W   -    2" Capacity and Weighted Base
•   MN-P56      -    6" Capacity 
•   MN-P56W   -    6" Capacity and Weighted Base
•   MN-P51W   -    1" Capacity and Weighted Base    Holds 1" or 3" Core

Product Code: MN-P52W  Tape Dispensers, 2" Capacity, Weighted Base  
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