Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood - Recirulating Air, Temperature Control CAP-305

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Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood - Recirculating Air - Temperature Control  #305
The Series 305 Clean Benches are a horizontal flow, recirculating temperature control clean bench.  The benches can operate at above ambient using make-up air for cooling, or it can have an air conditioning unit with reheat for temperature control at or below ambient.
The clean HEPA filtered air flows outward from the cabinet.  This horizontal laminar flow air washes out particulates and prevents contamination from entering the clean work zone.  The Series 305 Clean Benches feature "clean edge" construction that puts the hood and table top in shear with the media edge of the HEPA filter.  This reduces turbulence along the sides of the hood, improves the laminar flow, and prevents contamination infiltration around the perimeter of the hood.
Top and bottom front grills recirculate the air within the clean benches.
  • Temperature control ± 1/2°F
  • Stainless steel table top
  • Class 100 or Class 10
  • Interior lighting
  • Front access
  • 120/208 power
  • White painted-steel shell
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Shipping Instructions: The laminar flow hood price does not include freight.  The laminar flow hood ships on a padded van freight carrier, and the cost of shipping will be added to your order. Customer service will call or email you after you place your order, to give you the option of shipping the clean bench collect on your account. Please let customer service know if your facility will require a liftgate, or if you have a dock-high receiving area. Also, please include a contact name and phone number for someone at the delivery point.

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