Ductless Fume Hoods, Negative Pressure, 28"W X 17"H - Table Top, Chemical Containment Hood, Workspace: 28"Wx17"Dx17"H, AF-G-30

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Ductless Fume Hood - Negative Pressure - Table Top - Chemical Containment Hood - Workspace: 28"W x 17"D x 17"H -  AF-G-30

The ductless fume hood, containment hood systems are designed to enclose materials and operations under negative pressure, thereby preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into the work environment. Contaminated air is drawn through a variety of filters to remove pollutants. Filters are available for both vapors and particulates and they can be combined for multiple substance filtration.

The ductless fume hoods are constructed of clear, 1/4" thick, acrylic panels with sturdy aluminum framing (other panel materials are available if required). They come equipped with a clear vinyl curtain providing easy access while maintaining optimal airflow across the opening (optional door and sash configurations are available upon request). The hoods can be made to order with custom sizes and features tailored to your specific needs.

Blower/Filter modules are normally mounted on top of the hood, however, if space is limited they can be remotely located and connected to the hood via PVC hose. A high efficiency, brushless AC motor with dynamically balanced backward curved impeller moves up to 530 cfm in free air at a noise level of less than 70 db.

If required the hood can be purchased without blower and filter units for connection to an existing venting system. Alternatively, a venting adapter kit is available for the blower to provide for both filtering and outside venting.

Workspace: 28"W x 17"D x 17"H
Overall Dimension: 30"W x 18"D x 32.5"H
Power Requirements: 115V AC, 100 watts, 50/60 Hertz, 230V AC optional for export
Weight: 60 pounds
Blower: 530 CFM (free air), Backward Curved Impeller
Noise Level: A weighted noise level 68 db maximum at 1 meter

AF-FR-4          Activated Charcoal Filters 2.0" Deep  10"x17"
AF-FR-5          Activated Charcoal Filters 0.5" Deep  10"x17"
AF-HP-2          HEPA Filters 99.99% Efficient @ 0.3 microns  10"x17"
AF-PF-2          Prefilters 4 Layer Dacron 60% Efficient @ 5 microns  10"X17"
AF-APF-2        Prefilters Aluminum Mesh for condensation of flux or grease  10"x17"
AF-FRAG-4     Acid Gas Filters  10"X17"
AF-FRAM-4     Ammonia Gas Filters  10"X17"
AF-FRC-4        Formaldehyde Filters 10"X17"
AF-FRI-4         Radioactive Iodine Filters 10"X17"

Filters Installed                       Maximum Airflow      Face Velocity
                                                            CFM                        FPM
None                                                    332                        570
HEPA                                                    172                        295
HEPA/Dacron/.5" Carbon                      149                        255
HEPA/Dacron/2" Carbon                        94                         160
0.5" Carbon                                          210                        360
2" Carbon                                             134                        240
2 each - 1" Carbon                                105                        180

   • Replacement Vinyl Curtain
   • Optional Polycarbonate Door Panel
   • Light Kit (to fit G30, G50)
   • Acrylic Polish: Anti Static Surface Cleaner
   • Air Flow Alarm Unit
   • Blocked Filter Alarm Unit
   • Outside Vent Adapter Kit
Product Code: AF-G-30   Ductless Fume Hood, No Filters Included

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To order ductless fume hoods online, you can click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email sales@cleanroomworld.com

Shipping Instructions: The ductless fume hood can ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships in two boxes collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge. Please inspect all shipments within three (3) business days of receiving. Freight claims can only be filed within that time.

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