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Filtered Air Workstations Table Top, Negative Pressure, Work space 28.5"W x 22"D x 16"D, AF-SL-30

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Containment Hoods - Table Top - Negative Pressure - Workspace: 28.5"H x 22"W x 16"D - AF-SL-30

The SL-30 is a completely self contained, filtered air workstation and work surface in one package. The angled clear polycarbonate shield over the large work area provides full visibility and easy access to instruments or containers inside.  The 1/2" polyethylene floor provides an easy to clean work surface. The filter housing is designed to stack one or more filters simultaneously up to 7" high, allowing one station to be used for multiple pollutants or procedures.  Filters are easily accessible for replacement with no tools required. The system is powered by a 530 cfm rated blower and it has a variable speed control for quiet and efficient operation.  The workstation weighs approximately 50 pounds and the blower unit is 32 pounds, allowing each piece to be conveniently moved to any work place. Enclosure is also available with a reverse flow blower providing Class 100 positive pressure clean air.

Filters are SOLD SEPARATELY to accommodate individual applications.  Please see filter sheet for detailed  filter specifications.
NOTE: This unit is manufactured in many different sizes and configurations to suit your application or space requirements.

•  Workspace: 28.5"W x 22"D x 16"H
•  Overall Dimensions (with blower):  30"W x 23.5"D x 33"H
•  35" minimum height clearance required for airflow
•  Power Requirements: 115VAC, 100 watts, 50/60 Hz, 230 V AC optional
•  Weight:  82 lbs, workstation 50 lbs, blower 32 lbs
•  Blower:  530 CFM (free air), Backward curved impeller
•  Noise Level:  A weighted noise level 68 dB at 1 meter

Option: AF-LK-3  A state of the art LED strip lamp is available for illuminating the inside of the HS-5000 workstation.  Mounted behind the hinged door just below the blower unit the lamp provides the equivalent output to a 60W incandescent bulb.
Operating voltage is 110V AC and a switch to the left of the strip light turns the lamp on and off.


AF-FR-4 - Activated Charcoal Filters 2.0" Deep  10"x 17"
AF-FR-5 - Activated Charcoal Filters 0.5" Deep  10"x 17"
AF-HP-2 - HEPA Filters 99.99% Efficient @ 0.3 microns  10"x 17"
AF-PF-2 - Prefilters 4 Layer Dacron 60% Efficient @ 5 microns  10"x 17"
AF-APF-2 - Prefilters Aluminum Mesh for condensation of flux or grease  10"x 17"
AF-FRAG-4 - Acid Gas Filters  10"x 17"
AF-FRAM-4 - Ammonia Gas Filters  10"x 17"
AF-FRC-4 - Formaldehyde Filters 10"x 17"
AF-FRI-4 - Radioactive Iodine Filters 10"x 17"


Filters Installed Max Airflow
Face Velocity
 None 546 546
 HEPA 272 272
 HEPA/Dacron/.5" Carbon 177 177
 HEPA/Dacron/.2" Carbon 151 151
 0.5" Carbon 291 291
 2" Carbon 201 201
 2 each - 2" Carbon 138 138

Replacement Vinyl Curtain
Optional Polycarbonate Door Panel
Light Kit (to fit G30, G50)
Acrylic Polish: Anti Static Surface Cleaner
Air Flow Alarm Unit
Blocked Filter Alarm Unit
Outside Vent Adapter Kit

Product Code: AF-SL-30  Containment Hood, Table Top, Negative Pressure, Workspace: 28.5"H x 22"W x 16"D

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In addition to fume hoods, we also offer a variety of other Cleanroom Equipment including: softwall cleanroomscleanroom tables and stainless steel storage cabinets.


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