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Powder Containment Hoods Ductless, Table Top, Filters Sold Seperately, AF-ES-7000

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Powder Containment Hood - Ductless - Table Top - Filters Sold Separately - ES-7000

The Mini-Containment hoods were developed for applications where space is at a premium. The ES-7000 Mini-Containment hood is suitable for adsorbtion of organic vapors and trapping of airborne powders or particulates. The hood measures 17" H x 16" W x 17"D and the top mounted blower unit is 16" H x 12"W x 13.5" D. The blower unit is made up of three sections which attach together with a simple latching mechanism. Gaskets seal each section to provide security against vapor or particulate leakage. This latching mechanism allows for easy filter replacement and maintenance.

A fan speed control permits continuous adjustment of face velocity and airflow. The front panel is made of hard acrylic with Velcro™ attachments. A hinged panel is available at additional cost. The ES-7000 is supplied with a convenient carrying handle on top of the blower unit.

AF-FR-2 - Activated Charcoal Filters 1.5" Deep  10.5"x10.5"   
AF-FR-3 - Activated Charcoal Filters 0.5" Deep  10.5"x10.5"
AF-HP-1 - HEPA Filters 99.99% Efficient @ 0.3 microns 
AF-PF-1 -  Prefilters 4 Layer Dacron 60% Efficient @ 5 microns 10.5"x10.5"
AF-APF-1 - Prefilters Aluminum Mesh for condensation of flux or grease 10.5"x10.5"
AF-FRAG-2 - Acid Gas Filters  10.5"x10.5"     
AF-FRAM-2 - Ammonia Gas Filters  10.5"x10.5"
AF-FRC-2 - Formaldehyde Filters 10.5"x10.5"
AF-FRCB-2 - Mercury Filters 10.5"x10.5"
AF-FRI-2 - Radioactive Iodine Filters 10.5"x10.5"


Filters Installed Max Airflow CFM Face Velocity FPM
 None 430 630
 HEPA 187 275
 HEPA/Dacron/.5" Carbon 95 140
 HEPA/Dacron/.2" Carbon 75 110
 0.5" Carbon 280 410
 2" Carbon 140 200
 2 each - 2" Carbon 80 120

Product Code: AF-ES-7000  Powder Containment Hood, Ductless, Table Top, Filters Sold Separately

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To order ductless fume hoods online, you can click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email

Shipping Instructions: The ductless fume hood can ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships in two boxes collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge. Please inspect all shipments within three (3) business days of receiving. Freight claims can only be filed within that time.

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