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Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls: Attached Hood, Elastic Wrist/Ankle, Microporous Material, Individually Packaged, 25/case, LA-CTL428CM

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Microporous Coveralls - Cleanroom Processed - Attached Hood - Elastic Wrist/Ankle - 25/case - LA-CTL428CM

Microporous coveralls are clean manufactured and provide comfort, quality and protection. All cleanroom controlled environments, people are the largest source of contamination. Clean manufactured and clean manufactured sterile garments are beneficial in meeting the strict cleanroom requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences, medical device, nanotechnology, microelectronics and industries utilizing controlled environments. CleanMax garments are a high quality microporous laminate material that is impervious to liquids, harsh chemicals and microorganisms.  


  • Excellent comfort and protection
  • PPE Category 3 Type 5 & 6
  • All garments meet IEST-RP-CC003 Category 1 Cleanliness
  • CleanMax clean manufactured and CleanMax Sterile are both clean-processed garments, ready for use in ISO Class 5 - 8 cleanrooms 


  • Clean manufactured garments. Garments that are clean manufactured offer significantly less particle counts in contrast to garments that are not clean manufactured. 
  • All bound seams. CleanMax garments feature bound seams, which are precisely sewn with an additional outer binding. This increases seam strength and provides a better barrier from break through and protection from strike through than simple serged seams.
  • Folded for easier donning. Garments are folded to minimize excursions during donning and doffing; and prevent surface contamination.
  • Less wrinkles, mean less excursions. Garments are individually packaged and expertly folded to prevent excessive wrinkling and the potential for increased excursions.
  • Smooth surface area prevents particles from sticking. CleanMax garments are smoother than other leading brands, which means particulates are less likely to harbor on the garment surface.
  • Smooth storm flap for added level of protection. Very few disposable cleanroom garments have the added protection of a placket storm flap. Protect your employees with less particulate breakthrough on the zipper of the gown.
  • Thumb loops. Elastic wrists and thumb loops help secure the coveralls and frocks in place to prevent the potential exposure of skin while worn during normal activities.
  • Resistance to blood borne pathogens and more. Get the added safety of CleanMax, which offers resistance to blood and body fluid penetration, viral penetration and blood borne pathogens.
  • Chemical penetration resistance. CleanMax offers chemical penetration resistance to oils, bleach and 50 percent sodium hydroxide.
  • Cuffed ankle allows for six inches of freedom. Expertly designed to reduce surface contamination during the donning process, the cuffed ankle provides size inches of freedom when you are stepping into the gown.


  • Each package includes an easy open strip allowing for less handling when removing the garment from packaging during the donning process.
  • Garments are folded and left unzipped to allow for easier donning.
  • Garments are individually packaged without excessive wrinkling and to maintain cleanliness.
  • The packaging can be wiped down with IPA without the fear of the print smearing or creating cross contamination.
  • Individually packaged garments are placed in a sealed heavy-duty outer bag to protect the integrity of the garment and to facilitate staged entry into the gown room cleanroom.
  • The coveralls and frocks are positioned so wearers can only grab the inside of the garment, right below the collar area. This eliminates any contamination on the exterior surface.
  • As the garment is pulled out of the packaging, the folded garment will fall easily, ready for the next step in the donning process.
  • The bib on the hood is folded over so wearers can remove the hood from the package and don by touching only the inside of the garment.
  • Boots are packaged in pairs with the upper of the boot folded over so the wearer can grab the boot by the inside of the upper to easily slide over shoes and up the calf.


Product Code: LA-CTL428CM - Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls, ISO 5 Class 100 Compatible, Attached Hood, Zipper Front with Storm Flap, Tunneled Elastic Wrist with Thumb Loops, Tunneled Elastic Ankles, Tunneled Elastic Back, Microporous Material, Bound Seams, Individually Packaged, 25/case.

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