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Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Even the slightest electrostatic discharge (ESD) event can damage semiconductor products, which is why we carry some of the best cleanroom products and equipment.

Minimization of ESD, as well as regulation of pressurization, temperature, and humidity, are all key to creating a compliant cleanroom for semiconductor manufacturing.

Some of our top-selling products for the semiconductor industry include: ionization equipment, antistatic cleanroom supplies, and static control products, as well as HVAC systems, HEPA filtration systems, pass-throughs, and air showers.

Most semiconductor manufacturing processes require cleanrooms that comply with ISO Class 5 or higher. We offer cleanroom products and equipment designed to meet the specifications for all classes of cleanrooms, from ISO Class 1 through ISO Class 9.

We also carry a large selection of softwall, portable, modular cleanrooms – made from non-gassing materials – so that you can create a higher class cleanroom within your cleanroom.

We provide cleanroom supplies, equipment, furniture, and apparel for all types of semiconductor applications, including:
•UV-sensitive processes
•EUV research
•vacuum coating
•mask aligners
•packaging of silicon wafers and substrates

Based in the Denver metro area, we’ve been providing furniture, equipment, and supplies to the semiconductor industry for more than 30 years.

For more information about our products and supplies for semiconductor cleanrooms, please call (303) 752-0076, or e-mail

Please note: In addition to providing cleanroom supplies, equipment, and furniture for semiconductor cleanrooms, we also offer products for the aerospace industry, medical device industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

Check out the cleanroom suit selection that we have for semiconductor cleanrooms.

Also, view our large selection of furniture for cleanrooms, manufacturing facilities, and labs.