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Cleanroom Suit

Cleanroom Suit with fitted hood for respiratorCheck out our huge selection of cleanroom suits and apparel.

Note: We have N95 masks in stock now, bulk packaged, which are perfect for cleanroom applications.

For more than 30 years we've been providing cleanroom suits for cleanrooms, labs, and manufacturing facilities, long before they became in demand as personal protective equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 or Ebola.

What Is A Cleanroom Suit Or Bunny Suit

A cleanroom suit, simply put, is a garment that you wear over your clothes that serves as a barrier to contaminants (coming in or going out).

Also spelled as clean room suit and referred to as cleanroom bunny suits, sterile suits, and protective suits, this type of cleanroom apparel has become more common across a variety of industrial settings.

Top Manufacturers Of Cleanroom Suits And Bunny Suits

We carry cleanroom suits, bunny suits, and accessories from two of the top manufacturers: Dupont and Lakeland.

Tyvek Cleanroom Suits And Bunny Suits

You might be familiar with Dupont because of their registered brand, Tyvek, which is used on products ranging from insulating products for houses to medical packaging, consumer products to cleanroom suits. Cleanroom suits and bunny suits made from Tyvek provide excellent protection, preventing materials and particles from passing through the suit. Because Tyvek is also lightweight and breathable, it’s the perfect material for cleanroom suits, which are typically worn for hours on end. The fact that Tyvek is also tear-resistant and puncture-resistant is an added bonus!

Lakeland Cleanroom Suits And Bunny Suits

We also carry cleanroom suits and bunny suits from Lakeland Industries. Headquartered in Alabama, Lakeland has been making cleanroom suits and bunny suits for more than 30 years. Their CleanMax line of cleanroom suits are comfortable to wear and easy to put on. Lakeland’s cleanroom suits are also latex-free and silicone-free, and the strip on the packaging of the cleanroom suits is easy to open, which means less handling when putting on the suits.

How To Choose A Cleanroom Suit Or Bunny Suit

When you’re choosing a cleanroom suit or bunny suit, you have a few decisions to make before you order. These include which type of cleanroom suit you need (and/or prefer), whether the cleanroom suit will be disposable or reusable, the size and color of the cleanroom suits, and how the cleanroom suits are packaged.

Cleanroom Suit Options From Cleanroom World

Our cleanroom suit and bunny suit options include:

Disposable Cleanroom Suit vs Reusable Cleanroom Suit

The first decision you’ll need to make when choosing a cleanroom suit or bunny suit is whether you want a disposable cleanroom suit or a reusable cleanroom suit (also known as washable cleanroom suits and launderable cleanroom suits).

Size And Color Of Cleanroom Suits

Next, you’ll choose the size of the cleanroom suit or bunny suit, which include small, medium, and large – but might also be available in extra small through 7x large. Most people prefer white cleanroom suits, but cleanroom suits also come in other colors such as yellow, blue, and black.

Individually Packaged Cleanroom Suits or Bulk Packaged

Most of our cleanroom suits and bunny suits come in bulk (e.g. 25 per case or 100 per case), but you’ll also need to decide whether you want the cleanroom suits to be individually packaged inside the case or bulk packaged (which is less expensive).

Where Are Cleanroom Suits Used

Cleanroom suits and bunny suits are worn in a variety of environments, including:

  • cleanrooms
  • labs
  • sterile environments
  • medical device manufacturing facilities
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • semiconductor manufacturing facilities
  • aerospace manufacturing facilities
  • settings in which personal protective equipment (PPE) is required

Cleanroom Suit And Bunny Suit Accessories

In addition to full body cleanroom suits and bunny suits, we also have a wide variety of cleanroom suits and accessories, including:

  • cleanroom coveralls
  • cleanroom frocks
  • cleanroom lab coats / cleanroom lab jackets
  • cleanroom shoe and boot covers
  • cleanroom sleeves
  • cleanroom hoods / cleanroom hoods with attached masks
  • cleanroom shoes
  • cleanroom crocs
  • cleanroom shirts and cleanroom pants

For more information about cleanroom suits and bunny suits and/or for recommendations as to which cleanroom suits would be best for you, call (303) 752-0076 or e-mail

Please note: Tyvek and Isoclean are registered trademarks of Dupont. CleanMax is a registered trademark of Lakeland Industries.