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Cleanrooms for All Types of Industries

If you’re in an industry in which small particles can impact your manufacturing or production process, we have the cleanroom products you need!

We’re located in the Denver metro area, we’ve been in business for more than 30 years. We offer more than 5,000 products – which you can order online or by calling us directly, (303) 752-0076.

The main goal when setting up a cleanroom is to reduce or eliminate potential contamination, which is primarily achieved by controlling the pressure, temperature, and humidity in an environment and by preventing contaminants from entering the room.

Our products are designed for the lowest-level cleanroom guidelines (ISO 8, which is 100,000 particles per cubic foot of air) to the highest level (ISO 4, which is 10 particles per cubic foot of air).

We provide cleanroom supplies, furniture, and equipment for all types of cleanrooms, including:
aerospace cleanrooms
medical device cleanrooms
semiconductor cleanrooms
pharmaceutical cleanrooms and labs
government facilities and labs

Our most popular cleanroom items include:
cleanroom clothing (bunny suits, booties, face masks, beard covers, lab coats, and more)
•cleanroom furniture (tables, cabinets, stools, and more)
cleanroom equipment (pass throughs, air showers, particle counters, filters, and more)
electrostatic discharge - ESD products (equipment covers, gloves, bottles, shoes, flooring, and more)

 For more information about our products and supplies for cleanrooms, please call (303) 752-0076, or e-mail

Check out the cleanroom suit selection that we have for a variety of industries. We also have pop-up cleanrooms, which are mobile, softwall cleanrooms that are a low-cost option.