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Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

It’s hard to think of an industry that’s more heavily regulated than the pharmaceutical industry or more reliant on strict quality control processes.

Simply put, in pharmaceutical labs and manufacturing facilities, there can’t be any cross-contamination or airborne contamination of chemical or biological materials. Also pressurization (positive and negative), temperature, and humidity need to be tightly controlled.

Positive and negative pressure systems help ensure this, as does furniture surfaces that resist germs and can be cleaned and sterilized with heavy-duty disinfectants. Add in cleanroom apparel, supplies, HEPA filtration systems, and hundreds of other cleanroom products and supplies, and we’ve got you covered!

We offer a wide range of sterile cleanroom products, as well as USP 797 compliant cleanroom equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and pharmaceutical labs. These pharmaceutical cleanroom supplies not only prevent the transmission of infections to patients, but they also protect staff.

We can provide everything needed for pharmaceutical processes, including:
•manufacturing and production lines for powders, capsules and tablets
•purity testing
•chemical analysis

Some of our most popular pharmaceutical cleanroom products are:
•airlocks and anterooms
gowning rooms, furniture, and apparel
•cleanroom vacuums and filtration systems

We also sell softwall, portable, modular cleanrooms, which allow you to completely customize different areas of your pharmaceutical facility to different levels of cleanroom standards (ISO 1-8 and Class 100-Class 100,000).

For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing furniture, equipment, and supplies to the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information about our products and supplies for pharmaceutical cleanrooms, please call (303) 752-0076, or e-mail

Please note: In addition to providing cleanroom supplies, equipment, and furniture for pharmaceutical cleanrooms, we also offer products for medical device cleanrooms and biotech cleanrooms, as well as other types of cleanrooms and labs.

Check out the cleanroom suit selection that we have for pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

We have 316 stainless steel tables (fully welded construction, in custom sizes) that are ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing.