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Controlled Environment Chamber, Controlled Environment Chamber, 13 cu. ft., ET-5532

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Controlled Environment Chamber - 13 cu. ft., 368 l - ET-5532

The model 5532 is designed to accommodate equipment and material requiring a precise, stable environment, excellent visibility and a large internal work area )13 cu. ft., 368 l).  The system independently maintains humidity from 122°F (16-50°C) when used in an area maintained at 23°C.  Uses include weighing, testing, storage, fabrication and conditioning for consumer product development, biomedical, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, electrostatic, DOD, food product analysis, university research and other applications.  The model 5532 is available in 115 and 230 VAC versions.

•  Microprocessor PID control
•  Multiple ramp/soak
•  Computer software package
•  Front & side doors
•  8" port with gloves
•  Fluorescent lighting
•  Internal fans and AC power
•  Clear & white acrylic with PS30 welded seams
•  Continuous set point & level displays
•  Thermoelectric cooling & electric heating systems
•  High capacity dehumidification & humidification systems
•  System upgrades & 3rd parameter monitoring & control available

•  Equipment and samples placed inside the environment will have an impact on the conditions that can be maintained and the time required to increase or decrease to the     set point.
•  Any item that adds heat or humidity to the environment will have an impact on system performance.
•  Chamber performance pertains to the ability of the chamber to reach and then hold a given level along with gradients.
•  It is not only a function of the chamber, but the ambient humidity and temperature, operating systems and controllers used.

Product Code: ET-5532 - Controlled Environment Chamber, 13 cu. ft.

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