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Temperature Controller, Temperature Controller, ET-5100-230

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Temperature Controller - ET-5100-230

The model 5100-230 is designed to monitor and precisely control the temperature within a chamber or glove box.  Front panel ON/Off switches enable the respective operating systems to be placed in standby without disturbing controller settings.  Solid-state relays power standard North American AC outlets installed on the rear panel.  Each module controls two power outlets: one for increase (heat) and one for the decrease (cool).  The controller can operate as stand-alone unit or as part of a computer-controlled system using the optional software package that can control, monitor and log up to 32 control modules simultaneously.

ETS controllers are available with a choice of one or two control modules that can be mixed and matched in dual function units.  The 3300 module continuously displays the measured parameter and when the Function button is depressed,displays the set point.  It can also perform a single ramp/soak cycle.  The 9500P module displays both the measured parameter and set point simultaneously, performs multiple ramp/soak cycles and includes a third set point for alarming.  Point source LED's in both modules indicate the operating status of the control function. 

•  Microprocessor PID control
•  Single & dual controllers
•  Easy installation & operation
•  Accurate, precision sensor
•  Temperature, Humidity and other configurations available
•  Single & multiple Ramp/Soak profilling
•  90-240VAC power

ET-5100-230 - Temperature Controller

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