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Humidity Control Chambers, Midsize Glove Box, Bench Top, 9 Cubic Feet, 8" Ports with Gloves, 12" x 12" Door Access Opening, ET-5506

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Humidity Control Chamber – Midsize Glove Box – 9 cu. Ft. – Acrylic – Bench Top – ET-5506

The humidity controlled chambers are ideal for weighing, storage, testing and fabrication of materials in pharmaceutical, air quality control, electronic, electrostatic (ESD), aerospace and other industries. The humidity control chamber is designed to allow the end user to select from a wide array of operating systems and accessories to design the exact system required to perform any action requiring precise humidity control and moderate elevation and decreasing of temperature. The chamber is contructed from clear and white acrylic and has a 12" x 12" door opening.  Select from a wide array of controllers, options and accessories to build a system to meet your exact requirements. 

•  9 cu. ft. (225 L) work space
•  Standard 8" ports with gloves
•  Door with 12" x 12" access opening
•  32 cfm internal circulation fan
•  Clear and white acrylic construction
•  PS30 welded Seams
•  Antechamber option

ET-5200-240-230                    μP Humidity & Temperature Controller

Model 524  Microprocessor Humidity Controller
P/N 520-6469    Computer Interface Module and Cable (per controller)
P/N 520-6470    Computer Software (For Models 523, 524, 525, & 526)

Model 562 Humidification System

•  115/230 VAC Operation
•  9 Cu. Ft. Working Volume
•  12” x 12” Access Door
•  Cable Pass Through
•  Internal Circulating Fan
•  White & Clear Acrylic Construction
•  Desiccant/Pump Dehumidification
•  Optional Controllers & Operating Systems

Product Code: ET-506A   Humidity Controlled Chamber - 9 Cubic Feet  (includes Model 561)

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