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Chemical Fume Hoods; Lab Area with Lower Steel Case Cabinets, KR


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Chemical Fume Hood - Lab Area with Lower Steel Case Cabinets 

Laboratory fume hoods are an effective way to control exposure to offensive, toxic or flammable vapors, aerosolos and gases.  Corrosive volatile, or obnoxious substances should always be isolated in a chemical fume hood area. 
Fume hoods are available in a number of sizes and are custom outfitted to meet specific needs.

Standard Features:
•  Feather touch, balanced sash, made of safety glass, steel framed
•  Flush side walls, allowing the air to move through with the least resistance
•  Adjustable baffles, allowing better control over air flow through the hood
•  Light switch, blower switch, and two electrical outlets on most hood designs
•  Fluorescent light box and bright interior lining provide illumination throughout the hood
•  Access panels for easy accessibility to plumbing and electrical components
•  Chemical resistant finish, powder coated, baked on

For more options, visit the main Cleanroom Fume Hood section. 


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