Prefabricated Clean Rooms; Modular, 16x16x8H, Vinyl Curtains, 5 Lights, Filters Sold Separately, CAP-575F-WR-16x16x8H

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Heavy Gauge Prefabricated Softwall Cleanrooms - Vinyl Curtains - 16x16x8H - 5 Lights - Filters Sold Separately   CAP-575F-WR-16x16x8H-E8x2-S4,12-G167

The softwall cleanrooms an affordable method of providing a quality controlled environment with low particulate counts. The cleanrooms typically operate positive pressure enclosures, but can also be used as negative pressure containment areas. The portable cleanrooms (ISO 6, Class 1,000) are designed with HEPA filters to remove particles down to 0.3 microns at 99.99% efficiency.

The modular cleanrooms come with easy to assemble sections, with a maximum size of 12 feet x 12 feet, with a leg in each corner. Larger cleanroom units can be constructed by simply attaching standard softwall cleanroom components to create one continuous room with support legs on a 12'x12' pattern.  A 24 ft x 24 ft cleanroom would have one center post. The modular cleanrooms can be expanded or reduced in size without taking the entire cleanroom down.  This feature makes it fast and easy to add sections or change the shape for other requirements.  A number of smaller cleanrooms can be combined for a large cleanroom project and later be changed back to a smaller portable cleanroom and relocated.  If a larger cleanroom is required without center legs, choose the Series CAP-575 model. This model of modular cleanroom has 4”x4” angled steel beams to support the width of the cleanroom, from 12’ to 24’, without the need for center legs.

If a larger cleanroom is required without and center legs choose the Series CAP575 model

• 99.99% on 0.3 micron HEPA filters
• Aluminum frame HEPA filters
• Flat panel LED lights
• Clear vinyl curtains
• 120 volt filters and lights
• White painted finish

The softwall modular cleanrooms use the CAP-118-424-H-WC (2x4) motorized ceiling HEPA filter, LED cleanroom lights and blank ceiling panels in various quantities, depending on the size and class of the cleanroom. The perimeter of the modular cleanroom is enclosed by clear vinyl curtains. These are easily attached to the portable cleanroom with 3M Dual Lock (cleanroom Velcro type material). Optional styles and materials for the cleanroom curtains included sewn cleanroom fabric, static dissipative material, or 13 mil yellow vinyl (for photolithography applications). The cleanrooms can be furnished with a prefab wiring kit for quick and easy connections of the filters and lights to a single junction box located on top of the softwall cleanroom.


Standard portable cleanroom curtain is a Seiden Crystal brand, clear 40 mil, static dissipative, fire retardant vinyl with 3M Dual Lock strips sewn along the top for mounting. All standard cleanroom curtain dimensions are 54 inches x 90 inches’ x 40 mils thick. The modular cleanroom curtains overlap every 48”, which provides a 6” overlap, around the perimeter of the cleanroom. To enter or exit the cleanroom, the curtains are simply spread apart where they overlap. The cleanroom curtains automatically reseal as the two halves come back together.

The super lightweight 2’x 4’ cleanroom LED light panels are easily installed by one person. These modern LED cleanroom lights provide higher illumination and non-glare lighting, versus the traditional white fluorescent light fixtures.  The cleanroom lights are set into the tee bar ceiling grid system. Gasketing provides the seal between the tee bar mounting surface and the light housing surface. Softwall cleanroom ceiling lights will be on their own separate electric circuit and will be controlled by a standard light switch. The ON/OFF switch is conveniently located on the leg outside the cleanroom curtain below the junction box.

Mobility can be added to these cleanrooms by adapting them with the caster option. The portable cleanrooms would have heavy duty casters on the bottom of each leg. 

The portable cleanroom prefab electric wiring kit is a cost-effective and time-saving option to conventional electrical wiring. It facilitates quick and easy “plug together” type electric connection of the lights and filter units. An electrician simply connects power to a single point junction box located on top of the cleanroom. The “plug together” male/female connectors included with the prefab wiring kit are Reloc brand connectors. They are designed to be repeatedly plugged and unplugged as necessary. 

The modular cleanroom electrical junction box receives power by being wired to your building’s electrical system. It is located on the top horizontal beam near the outside corner of the cleanroom. 

The cleanroom CAP-118-424-H-SC fan filter units will also be on their own separate 20 amp max. electric circuit (1.4 RLA per filter unit). Cleanroom filter units have a variable speed switch to designate low, medium, and high speeds. NOTE: Filter units and ceiling lights for the modular cleanroom will not be on the same circuit. 

• Free spans up to 12 feet without adding a support leg or hanging point (delete the period)
• Modular bolt-together design simplifies both initial cleanroom assembly and future additions
• All frame components are painted in a durable and cleanroom-approved flat white powder coated finish
• 2’x 2’ tubular steel legs - 14 gauge
• 2’ x 4' tubular steel beams - 11 gauge
• Aluminum T-bars with polyurethane foam gasket from the 2'x 4' ceiling grid
• 12 gauge steel support gussets and 1/4 x 3/4 solid steel struts
• Transparent clear 40 mil flame retardant static dissipative curtains, attached to the frame with Dual Lock
• Adjustable steel leg leveling glides on each leg
• Modular cleanroom design offers great flexibility
• Cleanroom classifications from ISO 8 Class 100,000 to ISO 4 Class 10
• Complete with motorized ceiling HEPA filters, lights and prefab wiring kit (requires only assembly and electric power connection)
• Fast delivery - most units shipped from stock 

• Casters with brakes
• Gowning room - external additional or internal division for gowning
• Low outgassing sealant and/or gasket
• Ionization system
• Magnehelic or minihelic pressure gauge system
• Decorative shroud cover - painted steel or stainless steel
• Clear acrylic ceiling tile 

• ISO 8 - Class 100,000 (least clean)
• ISO 7 - Class 10,000
• ISO 6 - Class 1,000
• ISO 5 - Class 100 (cleanest) 

Product Code: CAP-575F-WR-16x16x8H-E8x2-S4,12-G167   Softwall Cleanrooms, 16'x16'x8'H, Modular Steel Frame 195"x 195" x96"H, 116" Overall Height 40mil Perimeter curtains, 5 Lights, 120V, Blank ceiling panels Motorized HEPA Filters CAP-117-424-H Ordered Separately:  ISO 8=5, ISO 7=10, ISO 6=18, ISO 5=25 Power 120V

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To order a softwall cleanroom online, you can click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076 or email  

Shipping Instructions: The softwall cleanroom price does not include freight.  The cleanroom ships on a motor freight carrier and the cost of shipping will be added to your order. Customer service will call or email you after the order is placed to give you the option of shipping the cleanroom collect on your account.  Indicate to customer service if your facility will require a liftgate or if you have a dock high receiving area.  Please include delivery point of contact name and phone number.  

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