Sticky Peel Off Mats, 18"x36", 30 Sheets - 8 Mats/case, Blue, CQ-1836-308-B

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Sticky Peel Off Mats - 18"x36" - 30 Sheets - 8 Mats/case - Blue  CQ-1836-308-B
The sticky floor mat is a 30 layer mat. The mat surface removes particulate matter from shoes and casters before they enter the controlled environment. The adhesive mat has 30 layers of tough thin polyethylene film.  Each layer is coated with a lower tack adhesive which removes dirt and bacteria particles. Each mat has a full surface adhesive backing to secure direct to floor without the need of a frame. Mats are available in White or Blue.   
CQ-1836-308-W    Sticky Mats -Peel Off Mats - 18"x36" White    
CQ-1836-308-B                                                   18"x36" Blue
CQ-1845-308-W                                                  18"x45" White
CQ-1845-308-B                                                   18"x45" Blue
CQ-2436-308-W                                                  24"x36" White
CQ-2436-308-B                                                   24"x36" Blue
CQ-2645-308-W                                                  26"x45" White
CQ-2645-308-B                                                   26"x45" Blue
CQ-3636-308-W                                                  36"x36" White
CQ-3636-308-B                                                   36"x36" Blue
CQ-3645-308-W                                                  36"x45" White
CQ-3645-308-B                                                   36"x45" Blue
CQ-3660-308-W                                                  36"x60" White
CQ-3660-308-B                                                   36"x60" Blue
CQ-4560-308-W                                                  45"x60" White
CQ-4560-308-B                                                   45"x60" Blue


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