Fan Filter Units, Motorized HEPA Ceiling Filters, 24" x 48", CAP-112-424-H-G118

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Fan Filter Unit - FFU - Motorized HEPA Ceiling Filter 2'x 4'    CAP-112-424-H-G118

The motorized fan filter unit series 112 is an FFU or it is sometimes called a MCF (motorized ceiling filter).   This module is a self-contained fan filter unit that draws air in through a top mounted pre-filter.   It then blows the air out the other side through a HEPA or ULPA filter into a controlled space.  A typical application is installing it into a 2'x4' ceiling grid system.   The unit can also be mounted on a support frame or suspended from a support structure.

The galvanized steel blower housing screws to the top of an aluminum framed HEPA or ULPA filter.   The internal direct drive blower/motor assembly is isolated from the exterior housing by torsion flex motor mounts and rubber vibration isolation mounts.   Internal acoustical foam baffles reduce sound and enhance airflow uniformity.

The standard CAP-112 fan filter unit is shipped with a HEPA filter, a clear anodized aluminum frame, and an integral white painted expanded metal grill on its face.   The standard unit is tested with polystyrene beads.

The pre-filter installs on the top of the fan filter unit and is changed without the use of tools.   The standard unit ships with a 20"x 20" x 1" craft board framed fiberglass pre-filter.   It is also designed to accept a 20"x20"x 4" pleated filter for applications where a higher degree of pre-filtering is required.

The motorized ceiling filter is a UL listed assembly that operates at 120 volts, 60 Hz.   Each unit comes with an on/off switch for low, medium and high speeds, as well as an electrical junction box.

The CAP112 fan filter unit has a 3 speed switch located on the top of the unit.  Low, medium and high speeds are selectable.  The switch can be moved to compensate for filter loading.  If closer airflow adjusting is required there are two options.
Option 1 is a manually adjustable variable speed control - located on top of the fan filter unit.  The speed is adjustable by turning a knob on top of the fan filter unit.  Option 2 is an automatic speed adjustment.  This speed control has a built-in sensor that measures the airflow of the fan filter unit.  Once set, it will maintain a constant velocity until the filters need to be changed - eliminating the need to manually increase filter speed. 

FAN FILTER UNIT SIZE: 23 5/8" x 47 5/8" x 13 1/2"H

Speed                High             Medium           Low
CFM                    770                 675            560
Velocity          110 LFPM       85 LFPM       70 LFPM
Amps                  2.8                  2.0              1.5 
Decibels           53 dBa            51 dBa         49 dBa
•  Low profile design: 13 ½" 
•  Light weight: 70 pounds
•  Anodized aluminum framed HEPA filter
•  Galvanized metal plenum construction 
•  Size: 47 5/8" x 23 5/8"
•  Fiberglass pr-filter: 20"x 20"x 1" 
•  90 ft./min average face velocity
•  HEPA filter efficiency: 99.99% at 0.3 microns
•  On/Off switch: with three speed settings: low, medium, and high
•  UL Listed
•  120V, 60 Hz, 3.2 amps
•  Not a room side replaceable filter
•  Protective filter face guard
•  Hanger holes
•  Sound baffle

•  ULPA filter
•  Painted steel blower housing
•  Stainless steel blower housing
•  Speed control
•  Power cord
•  20" x 20" x 4" high capacity prefilters
•  Plug together wiring cables
•  10" side inlet duct
•  10" top inlet duct
•  In-line prefilter hood with 10" connector

CAP-112-424-H-G118    Motorized Ceiling HEPA Filter - FFU  24"x48"

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