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Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles, Single Sided Covered Vinyl, Sealed Edges, 24"x 48", 4/Pack, Price Per Pack, WW-3270-24

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Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles - Modular Cleanroom Ceiling Panels - Gypsum Vinyl Coated Ceiling Tiles - 24"x 48" - WW-3270-24

The clean room ceiling tiles have a vinyl clad face with sealed back and edges for use in a cleanroom environment up to ISO 5 Class 100.  The vinyl faced ceiling tiles have a washable finish, that's able to be scrubbed, which is scratch resistant. These vinyl faced cleanroom ceiling tiles meet USDA/FSIS requirements for food processing areas.  The vinyl cleanroom ceiling tiles are a lay-in design.

ASTME84 and CAN/ULC S102
Class A
Flame Spread: 25 or less
Smoke Developed: 50 or less

UL Type: FC-CB
Weight: ½" = 2.00 lb./sq.ft.
Thermal Resistance: ½" = R-0.45

• NRC rating is 0.10.  Ceiling tiles are not considered to be acoustically rated if NRC is less than 0.50.
• Field cut edges on the cleanroom ceiling tiles must be sealed with white latex paint.
• Cleanroom rated applications require a suspension system with gasket tee flanges.
• Color of the ceiling tiles: White

NOTE: Price per carton of 4 clean room ceiling tiles. 

Product Code: WW-3270-24 - Clean Room Ceiling Tiles, Single Sided Covered Vinyl, Sealed Edges, White, 24"x 48", Price Per Carton, (4) Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles

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To order the clean room ceiling tiles, you can click above, please call customer service at (303) 752-0076 or email

Shipping Instructions: The clean room ceiling tile price does not include freight.  The ceiling tiles ship on a motor freight carrier and the cost of shipping will be added to your order or can ship collect. Customer service will call or email you after the order is placed to give you the option of shipping the table collect on your account.  Indicate to customer service if your facility will require a lift gate or if you have a dock high receiving area.  Please include delivery point of contact name and phone number.

More Information On Clean Room Ceiling Tiles
Below is more information on clean room ceiling tiles.

What Is A Clean Room Ceiling Tile
A clean room ceiling tile is a tile that can be washed and scrubbed and is resistant to soil, chemicals, solvents, rust, and corrosion. Clean room ceiling tiles are durable and are water-repellant and scratch-resistant.

Where Are Clean Room Ceiling Tiles Used
These vinyl faced ceiling tiles are often used in environments that need to be frequently cleaned and/or sterilized (such as cleanrooms, labs, manufacturing facilities, data centers, hospitals, and food processing areas).

ISO Classification For Clean Room Ceiling Tiles
These clean room ceiling tiles are suitable for use in cleanroom environments up to ISO 5 Class 100.

Other Names For Clean Room Ceiling Tiles
These clean room ceiling tiles are often referred to as: cleanroom ceiling panels, vinyl clad ceiling tiles, vinyl faced ceiling tiles, vinyl coated ceiling tiles, vinyl covered ceiling tiles and vinyl coated drop ceiling tiles.

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