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Cleanroom Labels, Multiple Sizes & Custom Printing

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Cleanroom Labels - Multiple Sizes  Custom Printing

The Cleanroom Tyvek® Labels are used for the micro-electronic, medical and ESD markets. These labels feature state-of-the-art synthetic face stocks made of mylar, polyester, polypropylenes and Tyvek® with custom designed top coatings to insure imagining and printing. These products can be manufactured utilizing a proprietary, patent-pending cleaning process resulting in ultra-clean labels suitable for use in Class 1 - 1000 environments. Thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser, inkjet, dot matrix and pen written face stock for all in-process, lot box and shipping box identification. Complete in-house label and graphic design capabilities for custom products. Certificates of conformance accompany every manufactured lot.

CLEANROOM LABEL MATERIAL: A wide variety of cleanroom stocks including Kimdura, Tyvek, polyester and polypropylene for strength, cleanliness and stability.


Questions to answer when requesting pricing

1. Label Size?

2. Sheets or Rolls?

3. If Rolls, does it need to be perforated between labels?

4. Does it need to be ESD?

5. What level of cleanliness; I.E. Class 100, Class 1000, etc.?

6. Are you printing on the label?

7. If so, what type of printer?

8.Removable or Permanent Adhesive?

9. What will the label adhere too, material and actual product?

10. What is the quantity needed?

11. Will dots be written on?    

12. Will the label be wiped down with a chemical?   If yes, what chemicals?

CLEANROOM LABEL TYPES OF INKS:  Non-particulate generating inks include water-based, non-smear, low organic and inorganic content.

CLEANROOM LABEL TYPES OF ADHESIVES:  A wide variety of silicone free, permanent and removeable, and residue free.

PRINTED CLEANROOM LABEL FORMATS:  Labels can be provided in either rolls, fan-folded, sheets, pinfed or perforated.



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