Cleanroom Nitrogen Spray Gun Applications

Cleanroom Nitrogen Spray Gun Applications

May 31st 2018

Cleanroom Nitrogen Spray Gun Applications

As an inert gas, Nitrogen is cleaner and drier than air, making it one of the go-to surface cleaning products in a cleanroom environment. Cleanroom nitrogen spray guns are used to accurately dispense the element. But, how exactly does nitrogen work to remove debris from your projects and workspace?

How Nitrogen Spray Guns Fit into a Cleanroom

PTFE poly constructed spray guns are mounted to wet benches and work process stations, so they’re ready to use in hostile environments, such as semiconductor fabrication plants.

These industry-standard spray guns offer optimal protection against corrosion and resist acid fume deterioration in environments with N2 dispensing and drying.

Pressurized nitrogen is used to blow away microscopic dry dust and fibers that have fallen onto a surface and therefore aren’t removable by using tweezers or gloved hands. These particles also aren’t removable by washing, wiping or other cleaning processes because these are typically spaces you cannot get wet. To use nitrogen spray cleaning system, hold the spray gun perpendicular to the item to be cleaned, then engage the gun’s depress button.

When a mist of nitrogen gas is sprayed, it releases tiny particles from the surface you’re working with within seconds. The power of the gas stream and distance from the object being cleaned will determine how fast the particles are removed.

If the offending material is sticky, nitrogen won’t be effective. Instead, consider using an acetone washing bottle.

Note: Nitrogen spray guns should never be directed at the user’s, or a co-worker’s, skin. The pressure can inflate and lift the skin, causing tears and severe skin damage, especially if any cuts or abrasions are already present.

How To Choose A Nitrogen Spray Gun (N2 Spray Gun)

Most cleanroom nitrogen spray guns are sold with the gun and a coiled hose or with the gun sold separately so that both parts can be replaced independently of one another. When purchasing these separate items, be sure the male connector from the gun and the hose are the same size, often 1/4″ to 1/2″, for cleanroom applications.

PTFE poly constructed spray guns have a unique design that eliminates expensive nitrogen leaks. They also utilize in-line capsule filtration pads which further purifies the stream of nitrogen.

Does your microelectronics, pharmaceutical or sterile packaging facility need to upgrade or install cleanroom nitrogen spray guns? Cleanroom World offers a variety of gun assemblies, filter discs and coiled hose assemblies. 

Please note that in addition to nitrogen spray guns, we also have a large selection of DI water spray guns.