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Cleanroom Shoe Cleaners:. Motorized, 4 Rotating Brushes, HEPA Filter, Internal Vacuum, CRW-SC3014-4RB-INV-HE

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Cleanroom Shoe Cleaners - HEPA Filtered - 4 Rotating Brushes - Motorized - Internal Vacuum - CRW-SC3014-4RB-INV-HE

Cleanroom shoe cleaners are used in a controlled environment area that requires dust and particle control.  The motorized shoe cleaner has four motor driven brushes which clean both sides of the shoe, bottom sole and toe. Each brush is powered by a 120 volt AC 60 Hz motor.  The motorized cleanroom shoe cleaner will clean shoes and boots up to 6½ inches wide and may be adjusted down to 5 inches wide.  The rotating toe brush cleans up to 3½ inch toes.  The bristles on all brushes are made of black nylon.  

The cleanroom shoe cleaner has an internal vacuum system that draws the particles on the shoes into a dust bag.  The air is discharged out through a HEPA filter.  The dust bag and HEPA filter are changed without tools.  The brush motors are designed to protect the user by limiting the power.  Each motor has a low starting torque and it is recommended that the shoe cleaner is started before placing the shoe into the slot. 

• Pull lever toward operator to engage the start switch

• Insert shoe between two front rotating brushes
• Slide shoe forward and back to clean fully remove particles
• Release the handle back to the start position to stop the cleaning cycle
• Lever is used for balance while shoe is being cleaned.

• Four (4) rotating brushes.  2 side brushes,  1 toe brush and 1 heel brush
• HEPA filtered exhaust air - easy to replace by unscrewing two wing bolts by hand
• Internal vacuum motor
• Disposable paper bags
• Control handle shuts shoe cleaner off when released
• Hinged outside plastic cover
• Control lever spring loaded to the off position
• No tools required for dust bag and HEPA filter maintenance
• No assembly required
• One year warranty

• 120 Volt AC 60 Hz 
• Electric transformer for other voltages - option
• Central or external vacuum system kit - option

Size: 27 1/2" L x 18"W x 12"H  with handle 36"H

Product Code: CRW-SC3014-4RB-INV-HE  Cleanroom Shoe Cleaners, Motorized Shoe Brush Machine, Four Rotating Brushes, Internal Vacuum Motor, HEPA Filtered

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To order the cleanroom shoe cleaners, click tab above, call customer service at (303)752-0076 or email 

Shipping Instructions: The cleanroom shoe cleaner price does not include freight.  The shoe cleaner will ship via UPS or FedEx and the cost of shipping will be added to your order.  The order can ship collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the "Comments Box" when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge.  Shipping weight: 55 lbs.


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