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Electropolished Stainless Steel for Cleanrooms and Labs

Electropolished stainless steel is a great choice for cleanrooms, labs, manufacturing facilities, and other types of sterile environments.

We offer a large selection of electropolished stainless steel tables, gowning benches, garment racks, and other types of cleanroom equipment and furniture.

Electropolished stainless steel furniture and equipment has a bright, smooth, mirror-like finish.

When stainless steel (or another type of metal) is electropolished, the process involves dipping the stainless steel object into an electrolyte and jolting it with electrical current. The result is a surface that not only looks great, but also reflects light well and provides depth of clarity.

Because of the incredibly smooth surface of electropolished stainless steel, it resists contamination and is easier to clean (requiring less time and less pressure), making it ideal for cleanrooms.

In addition, you can clean electropolished stainless steel with products that include chlorine – which is often a requirement in cleanrooms, labs, and other sterile environments. If the surface of stainless steel isn’t electropolished, you need to avoid chlorine solutions because they remove the protective chromium oxide layers from stainless steel surfaces.

If you need a high level of sterilization in your cleanroom, lab, manufacturing facility, or other type of sterile environment, electropolished stainless steel is an excellent choice for furniture and equipment.

If you have any questions about electropolished stainless steel, please contact us at (303) 752-0056 or

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We have 316 stainless steel tables (fully welded construction, in custom sizes) that are ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing, cleanrooms, labs, and other sterile environments.