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ESD Workstation Kit, Dual Wire Constant Monitor, Wrist Strap, Grounding Hardware, and ESD Sign, TEC-TTB2A

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ESD Workstation Kit - Dual Wire Constant Monitor - Wrist Strap - Grounding Hardware and ESD Sign - TEC-TTB2A

•  Complete ESD Workstation Kit
•  Monitors One Dual Wire Wrist Strap, and One Work Surface
•  Two Layer Rubber: Excellent Resistance to Hold Solders, Soldering Irons and Most Solvents
•  Includes Grounding Hardware and Wrist Strap
•  Kit Meets or Exceeds Requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20

APPLICATIONS: Creates an ESD-Safe workstation for electronics repair, manufacturing, and more. ESD constant monitors reduce production costs by eliminating the time spent on testing wrist straps. Further savings may be realized by reduced ESD damage from broken wrist straps.

Work Surface
The 4500 series ESD control mats from Transforming Technologies are made of a durable 0.080”thick rubber. A conductive layer backs the static dissipative top layer that creates outstanding electrical performance. The 4500 series offers excellent resistance to hot solders, soldering irons and most solvents. Our cut mats are packaged individually with 10mm snaps and a common point ground cord. Available in NASA blue, royal blue, green and gray colors.

RangerTWO Dual Wire Constant Monitor
The RangerTWO constant monitor provides continuous protection against failing dual wire wrist straps and a ESD work surface. A constant pulse of an ultra-low voltage signal measures the electrical resistance of the wrist band and work surface and alarms if there is a problem. The RangerTWO saves time by eliminating the time consuming testing of grounding products. The system uses special dual wire wrist band sets that contain two independent elements which provide fail-safe protection. The series can be used with most common dual wire wrist straps available.

Grounding: Wrist Strap and Hardware
Each monitor uses a dual wire wrist strap sets such as the WB7000 from Transforming Technologies, although other compatible wrist strap sets may be substituted. Dual conductor wrist straps enable efficient, accurate resistance monitoring and grounding redundancy.

The one-size-fits-all WB7000 features a silver plated, monofilament, continuous thread woven together with elastic nylon for full conductivity and comfort. The CC3000’s double insulated jacket provides in-credible durability and unmatched reliability via a redundant grounding path.

Meets or exceeds ANSI/ESD-S20.20

Part Numbers:
       Kit CM1602, Mat 2x3, WB7050, Sign, Hardware
TTB2A-24RB       Kit CM1602, Mat 2x4, WB7050, Sign, Hardware

Replace "RB" with "LB" for Light Blue, "GY" for Gray ang "GN" for Green

Model CM1602 Specifications
DC Power Supply:  7-15 VDC, 100mA.
AC Input:  100-240 VAC, 1A.
Temperature limits:  50° F (10°C) to 122° F (50°C)
Adjustments:  No serviceable components; see   periodic verification tools
Dimensions:   3” W x 2” D x 1” H
Weight:  6.8oz
Monitoring Capabilities 1wrist strap and 1 work surface Alarm Limits Wrist Strap Low Resistance:  1.8 megaohm. High Resistance: 35 meg ohm.
Mat Resistance:  100 meg ohm.
Typical Operator Voltage at 10M:  max 0.1V (100mV)
Max Mat Voltage (open circuit):  0.2V (200mV)
Max Mat Voltage (alarm at 100M):  0.15V (150mV)

Unit Accessories:

FM1515 Work Surface Ground Cable
FM1515CM Monitor Ground Cable
FM1515NR Monitor To Work Surface Cable CM2800-REMOTE Remote Jack Replacement
CM-REMOTE-IR Proximity Sensing Remote
CM2015PV Verification Unit


Wrist Band WB7050
Fabric:  Polyester with silver-plated   nylon
Resistance:  100 ohms typical
Contact:  360 degrees around wrist
Color:  Blue
Back Plate:  Stainless Steel
Fabric Resistance:  100 megohms typical
Coil Cord
Length:  5, 10, 20 feet, practical
   7, 12, 24 feet, extended
Tip:  Stainless Steel
Barrel:  Ni Plated Brass
Plug Tip Diameter:  3.0 mm (+/- 0.08mm)
Plug Barrel Diameter:  0.135 in. (+/- 0.003 in)
Flex Life:  > 50,000 flexes
Electrical Resistance:   Tip To Tip/ BarrelTo Barrel: 1   Megohm (+/- 10%)




ESD Mat Specifications:
 Thickness:  0.080”
 Hardness:  60 Shore A
 Tensile Strength:  >1000 PSI
 Elongation:  >300%
 Temperature:  190F (87C)
 Color:  Nasa Blue, Gray, Royal   Blue
 Rubber:  Premium NBR
 RTGP:  8 x 10⁶-⁸ohms
 RTT:  2 x 10⁶-⁸ohms
 Charge Decay:  0.01Seconds

The ESD matting is rated to 190F (87C). The mats are heat resistant, not heat proof. They will withstand exposure to high temperatures, but it is dependant on exposure time.

Product Code: TTB2A - ESD Workstation Kit, Dual Wire Constant Monitor, Wrist Strap, Grounding Hardware, and ESD Sign, TTB2A

For more options, visit the main Table Mats section.

To order ESD table mats online, you can click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: The ESD table mats can ship UPS or Fedex. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the "Comments Box" when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge.

In addition to ESD table mats, we also offer a variety of other Cleanroom Mats, including:  Anti-Fatigue MatsCleanroom Cleaning Supplies, and ESD Chairs.


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