Cleanroom Vacuum Accessories, Manometer Kit, Replacement Part for Nilfisk IVT1000CR Vacuums, NI-81303227

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Replacement Part - Cleanroom Vacuums - Nilfisk IVT1000CR Manometer Kit

NI-80556700 Autoclave-Safe Accessory Kit Includes: 10' Silicone Hose, 2 Stainless Steel Wands, Autoclave-Safe Floor Nozzle, Straight SS Wand, Crevice Nozzle, & Silicone Curved Crevice Nozzle
NI-01760475 ESD Accessory Kit Includes: 10' Antistatic Hose with cuffs, Curved Stainless Steel Tube, 2 SS Wands, Floor Nozzle, Conductive Dust Brush and Conductive Crevice Nozzle
NI-01760480 Standard Accessory Kit Includes: 10' Plastic Hose with cuffs, Stainless Steel Curved Tube, 2 SS Wands, Floor Nozzle, Dust Brush and Crevice Cone
NI- 81303227 Manometer Kit

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