Cleanroom Vacuums, Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Vacuums with Safe Pak, ULPA Filter, Nilfisk IV 1000CR, NI-17142208

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Pharmaceutical Vacuum - Nilfisk IVT 1000CR - Cleanroom - Stainless Steel - ULPA Filter -w/Safe Pak  NI-17142208

Pharmaceutical vacuum IVT- 1000CR is designed for a cleanroom featuring optional Safe-Pak container.   The new line of cleanroom vacuums features a multistage filtration system, stainless steel design, and quiet 61 dB(A) noise level.   The IVT 1000CR Vacuum is available with the Nilfisk Safe-Pak container for safe collection, containment and disposal of potent compounds.

The vacuum has a ULPA exhaust filter as a standard part, upstream HEPA filter is available with the Safe-Pak option.  The IVT-1000 is compatible down to ISO 4 (Class 10).

•  Compact design
•  Extremely quiet
•  ULPA exhaust filter standard; Upstream HEPA filter available with Safe-Pak option
•  Compatible down to ISO 4 (Class 10)
•  AISI 316 stainless steel construction
•  Trolley and container are autoclavable for sterilization
•  Locking Clamps ensure airtight sealing
•  Modular construction, making it easy to clean and service
•  Easy to manuever
•  Autoclaveable accessories are made of stainless steel or high-resistance silicone
•  Anti-static and standard accessory kits are also available in 32mm diameter
•  Available with a Safe-Pak container which is a safe collection, containment and disposable system of potent compounds.  The container is sealed, and it features a paper bag at the inlet and a HEPA filter on the exhaust.  The entire container can be disposed of when full.

Voltage @ 60 Hz.                    110-120
Amp                                          9.5
Watts                                        1100
Waterlift, max.                         78.7"
CFM                                          76.2
Tank Capacity                        3.25 gallons
Exhaust Filter Area               400 sq inches
Main Filter Area                     325 sq inches
Dimensions                            11.8"L x 11.8"W x 24.8"H
Weight                                     17.2 lbs
Sound level @ 1.5m              61 dB(A) 
Cord Length                           30'
NI-17142208   Nilfisk IVT 1000CR Safe-Pak Machine  Includes: AISI 316 SS Construction, Autoclave-safe trolley & Container, ULPA Exhaust filter (retains 99.999% @ 0.12 mcirons) and HEPA filtered disposable Safe-Pak Collection System. 
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