Motorized Hepa Filter - Cleanroom Ceiling Filter with Attached Blower CAP-109BL-224

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Motorized HEPA Filter - Cleanroom Ceiling Filter with Attached Blower - CAP-109BL-224

The motorized HEPA filter unit is a ceiling mounted modual.  The Series 109 fan filter unit is a low profile, self-powered blower and HEPA filter module.   The integral backward curved blower/motor assembly makes it an energy-efficient unit.  The simplicity, reliability, and quality of its features makes the series 109 fan filter unit an excellent value.   The modules are designed for use in tee bar ceiling grid systems.   The fan filter units feature a low profile design to allow ease of installation when overhead space is limited.  The fan filter units are available with a variety of sizes, filter efficiencies and suited for cleanrooms of Class 100,000 ISO 8 to Class 100 ISO 5.

MOTORIZED HEPA FILTER SIZE: 23 5/8" x 47 5/8" x 16 1/2"H

• Low Profile design
• Lightweight
• All metal filter housing
• Prefilter
• 90 ft./min average face velocity
• 99.99% at 0.3 microns

• No speed control
• No silicone, polyurethane sealant used
• Anodized aluminum framed HEPA filter
• Galvanized plenum
• 120V, 50/60 Hz motor
• Fiberglass prefilter 20"X20"x1"
• Not a room side replaceable filter

CAP-109BL-224   Motorized HEPA Filter  - FFU  2'x2'

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