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Mercury Vacuum  - Nilfisk Model VT   NI-01797332

The VT Mercury Vacuum is specifically designed to safely collect and retain liquid mercury spills and granular compounds while eliminating toxic vapors, four stages of filtration allow the VT Mercury Vacuum to meet OSHA standards for inorganic mercury.

The VT Mercury Vacuum cleans the lids of mercury shipping containers and collects droplets of mercury from filling station workbench.

The activated carbon granules in patented honeycomb layers provide the most complete contact, and longest dwell time, between carbon and mercury vapors.

*  Smooth lined PVC Hose which reduces mercury droplet residue
*  Centrifugal droplet separator collects liquid mercury
*  A two-ply, 12 gallon disposable bag is available for dry spills
*  Internal HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size
*  Activated carbon adsorbent filter
*  Microstatic diffuser protects the motor and acts as a barrier to superfine carbon particles
*  Positive twist safety latchees offer added security and discourage unauthorized disassembly of the vacuum cleaner

NOTE:  The VT Mercury Vac uses 32MM Accessories

Voltage @ 60 Hz. 110-120
Amp:  8.3
Watts:  1000
Waterlift, max.: 117"
CFM:  99
Tank Capacity: 12 gallons
Paper Bag Capacity: 12 gallons
Droplet Separator Cap: 16 oz 
Dimensions: 34.5" x 21" x 40"H 
Weight: 107 lbs
Sound level @ 1.5m 75 dB(A) 
Cord Length: 30'

NI-01797332  Nilfisk VT Mercury Vacuum Kit  115V, 1000W Includes:  5 Year Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter, External Droplet Collector, Trolley Assembly, A package of 5 paper bags, 10' Smooth lined Clear Plastic Hose, Curved Steel Tube and Crevice Nozzle

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