Cleanroom Training, Understanding Irradiation, DVD, Run Time: 26 Minutes, MV-GMP-DVD-0537

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GMP Training - Understanding Irradiation - DVD - MV-GMP-DVD-0537
The development of products made from heat sensitive materials necessitated the availablity of 'cold' sterilization.  Ionizing radiation, using gamma rays or electron beam are such processes, for use in all healthcare manufacturing, medical device and food industries.  Includes: shy cold processes?, why radiation works, the technology, the proceess, the sterilizing dose, validation, people.  Video running time 26 minutes.

Product Code: MV-GMP-DVD-0537  Understanding Irradiation, DVD, Single User

1 x multi-region DVD
1 x CD-ROM with training documentation and PC assessment program
Basic DVD allows classroom presentation and individual use
Network version required for use on computer server

In addition to the Cleanroom Training DVD, Cleanroom World offers cleanroom training, ESD training, and GMP training, at our state-of-the-art cleanroom training center, which is located in the Denver metro area.

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