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Stainless Steel Drum Dolly, Stainless Steel Hard Rubber Casters, 55 Gallon, WE-240196

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Stainless Steel Drum Dolly - 55 Gallon - Stainless Hard Rubber Casters - WE-240196

Drum dollies are designed for stability. The casters are mounted past the dolly and drum rim. These casters are mounted further apart than standard designs with casters completely underneath the drum and closer together. The further the casters are apart the greater the stability.

•  Welded Type 304 stainless steel dolly construction with reinforced outriggers. 
•  Type 304 stainless dollies are ideal for cleanrooms, pharmaceutical, food and wash down applications
•  Models available for 30, 55, 85 gallon drums
•  6" High
•  Three caster set options:
     - HRZ: zinc plated swivel rig with 3" hard rubber wheel & zinc plated hardware
     - HRSS: 304 stainless steel swivel rig with 3" hard rubber wheel & stainless steel hardware
     - PPSS: 304 stainless steel swivel rig with 3" white polypropylene wheel & stainless steel hardware

Stainless Steel Drum Dollies - Type 304 Stainless Steel
                           Capacity     I.D.    Drum Size    Caster Rig       3" Caster       Weight
WE-240192        900 lbs      19"        30 gal        Zinc Plated    Hard Rubber    20 lbs
WE-240193        900 lbs      19"        30 gal         Stainless       Hard Rubber    20 lbs
WE-240194     1,000 lbs      19"        30 gal         Stainless        White Poly      18 lbs

WE-240195        900 lbs       24"       55 gal        Zinc Plated    Hard Rubber    22 lbs
WE-240196        900 lbs       24"       55 gal          Stainless      Hard Rubber    22 lbs
WE-240197     1,000 lbs       24"       55 gal          Stainless        White Poly     21 lbs

WE-240198         900 lbs      27"        85 gal        Zinc Plated    Hard Rubber    24 lbs
WE-240199         900 lbs      27"        85 gal          Stainless      Hard Rubber    24 lbs
WE-240200      1,000 lbs      27"        85 gal          Stainless        White Poly     23 lbs 

Product Code: WE-240196   Stainless Steel Drum Dollies, Type 304 Stainless Steel, 55 Gallon, 900 lb Weight Capacity, 27" Diameter, 3" Hard Rubber Wheels with Stainless Steel Hardware 

For more options, visit the main Drum Dollies section.

To order stainless steel drum dollies online, you can click above, call customer service at (303) 752-0076, or email

Shipping Instructions: The stainless steel drum dollies can ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge 

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