Cleanroom Work Bench Double Drawers, 6"H x 15"W x 18"D, Fits QS Workmaster Bench, IAC-QS-1050003-BL

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Cleanroom Work Bench QUICK SHIP- IAC - Double, 6"H x 15"W x 18"D, Drawer - Fits QS Workmaster Bench - IAC-QS-1050003-BL

Cabinets and drawers are contructed of a heavy gauge steel and are equipped with full extension, 100 lb capacity metal ball bearing drawer slides. Drawers may be mounted left or right and stacked for multiple drawer/cabinet combinations. The handles are safety recessed. Locks for these drawers are optional and multiple drawers can be keyed alike, upon request.

• Heavy Gauge Steel
• Equiped with Full Extenstion, 100 lb Capacity Metal Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
• Mounted Left or Right
• Stacked for Multiple Drawer/Cabinet Combinations
• Safety recessed handles
• Locks are optional. 
• Multiple Drawers can be Keyed Alike

Product Code:  IAC-QS-1050003-BL     Double 6" Drawers - (1) 6"H x 15"W x 18"D.

Product Codes for Different Sizes of Drawers and Cabinets
IAC-QS-1050002-BL     Single Drawer                   6"H x 15"W x 18"D
IAC-QS-1050003-BL     Two Drawers                     6"H x 15"W x 18"D
IAC-QS-1050004-BL     Single Drawer                   12"H x 15"W x 18"D
IAC-QS-1050005-BL     Single Cabinet w/Door     12"H x 15"W x 18"D

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