Cleanroom Wipe - Berkshire LABX 170 Wipe BRK-LB170-1212-20

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Clean Room Wipe -  Berkshire LABX 170 Wipe
Labx® 170 is a cleaner alternative to industrial tissues and wipers. It makes an excellent wafer separator, wet bench liner, laboratory workmat, material packaging and blotter. 
  • 80% manila hemp (abaca), 20% wood pulp
  • Engineered as lightweight low lint wafer separator material
  • Highly absorbent
  • Meets government specification AA-50177, Type 1, Class 4 Heavy Weight, Wet Strength 
Lightweight wafer separator material
Absorbent, low linting work surface material
Tray liner and wet bench material
Wiping of catheters, heart valves and other biomedical devices
Cleaning of lab equipment
Compatible with ISO Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom applications and above?
BRK-LB170-0909-40  Berkshire LABX 170 9"x9"    500 sheets/pack-40 pks/cs
BRK-LB170-1212-20                                  12"x12"  500 sheets/pack-20 pks/cs
BRK-LB170-1818-10                                  18"x18"  500 sheets/pack-10 pks/cs
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