Cleanroom Mop - Perfex, TruClean, Sponge Mop PF-22-34

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Cleanroom Mop - Perfex - TruClean - Sponge Mop  PF-22-34

The cleanroom mop is designed specifically for use in cleanroom and sterile environments.  Sponge Mop is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting applications requiring high absorbency and very low particulate generation

Clean and disinfect a full 40cm (16") x 12.7cm (5") area in a single pass. Unlike self-wringing sponge mops that contact surfaces only with the leading edge, our exclusive swivel mop frame maintains total surface contact, consistently delivering a thorough and even application onto the surface. Thick-bodied sponge protects delicate surfaces.

Made of a specially formulated grade of flexible polyurethane Foam, the TruCLEAN Sponge Mop has excellent chemical and microbial resistance. Single cell structure has superior liquid retention and effectively captures minute particles. Exceptional abrasion and tear resistance. Conforms to irregular surfaces. Rinses clean and dries quickly. Compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization.

• Size: 16" x 5"
• Use for sterilizing and disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings
• Compatible with Gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization
• Lightweight 
• Ultra low particle generation and extractables 
• Lot to Lot traceability

• For use with all TruCLEAN Mopping Systems
• Designed for use in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing plants, critical or controlled environments
• TruCLEAN Sponge Mop is compatible with TruCLEAN Stainless-Steel Mop Frame

Dampen sponge prior to placing in autoclave.

PF-22-34   Perfex TruClean Sponge Mop  Size:  5" x 16" - PRICED PER MOP

SOLD IN CASE QUANTITY:  25 mops per case

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